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How to clean the electric scooter
May 29, 2018

Material is cloth or brush category, electric scooter. As long as you use a neutral detergent to gently wipe the paint or plastic surface dust with a cloth, then wipe clean with a dry cloth. But do not use high pressure water to clean, so internal electronic components and circuit accidents caused by water.

Techniques for cleaning electric bicycles

1. Mineral water bottle bottle into a small hole, and then pour water into a bottle, a small detergent or detergent.

2. Prepare the brush (the best choice is more difficult) and prepare the dry cloth.

Now wash, wash, water bottles in the water hand first cleaning parts with brush, and then again and again, even in a corner, he brushes the brush, wash out with dry cloth to wipe a new car, and money can exercise water does not run to the car, car cleaning, easy!

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