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How to choose an electric scooter
Apr 05, 2018

How to choose an electric scooter

1, in the drive way, we should consider comprehensively, choose the way of small loss, low energy consumption and high efficiency. The motor is mainly divided into three parts: brushless high-speed motor, brushless low-speed motor and brushless motor. 

2, the battery is divided into 36V, 48V, 64V and so on. According to the capacity, it is divided into 10Ah, 12Ah, 14Ah, 20Ah and so on. It is divided into lead acid, nickel hydrogen and lithium battery according to the type. Battery is a combination of voltage and capacity. 

3, chargers and controllers are also very different in quality, price and performance. The charger is not a good one, and you should pay attention to it when you buy it.

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