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How is it safer to ride an electric scooter?PartB
Apr 25, 2018

The four is to pay attention to the charging link. The charger of electric vehicle (scooter) contains high voltage line, so do not disassemble it without authorization. When charging, do not cover any items on the charger. It should be placed in the ventilating place. At the same time, pay attention to prevent the liquid and metal particles from entering the charger to prevent falling and impact, so as to avoid damage.


Countermeasures to prevent traffic accidents of electric vehicles


First, in improving the laws and regulations, the newly promulgated road traffic safety law clearly incorporated the electric vehicle into the category of non motor vehicle management for the first time, and made clear regulations for the speed of electric vehicles, the use of roads, and the illegal punishment.


The second is to strengthen the management of the driving of electric vehicles. Traffic management departments should increase penalties for all kinds of traffic violations of electric vehicles, so that the trend of traffic accidents caused by electric vehicles can be reversed.


Third, strengthen publicity and improve safety awareness of traffic participants. We should strengthen publicity and education on traffic offenders and intensify the education of traffic safety.


Fourth, all functional departments of the whole society should take the initiative to implement joint management. The functional departments of government quality inspection, technical inspection, security inspection and industry and commerce should punish the illegal producers and operators in accordance with the law, establish the necessary market supervision mechanism, and incorporate the safety of the road into the annual target assessment of the government functional departments, and implement the "shut, stop, and turn" of the unqualified electric vehicle manufacturers. The optimization and reorganization of the enterprises.


Fifth, cyclists should pay attention to speed control and obey traffic rules.


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