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How is it safer to ride an electric scooter?PartA
Apr 24, 2018

One is to do a good new electric scooter for physical examination. After cycling for some time, we need to check all parts of the scooter. Let's see if the fasteners and lubrication bearings are loose, whether the transmission parts are flexible, whether the brake lines are fastened, and whether the brake blocks are in oil or not.


The two is to do a good job of daily maintenance. Before the use of electric vehicles, we should pay attention to check whether the vehicle condition is good, whether the vehicle is abnormal, whether the screw is loose or not, and whether the battery is adequately charged. The brake is the basic guarantee of safety. It should be checked at any time whether the brakes are sensitive and effective. As long as the problems are found, it should be adjusted or repaired immediately; the tire inflation should be properly inflated, otherwise the riding comfort and life will be affected; and of course, the car seat and the handlebar should not be adjusted to the maximum limit, otherwise the accident will occur. .


The three is to understand the riding. When the electric vehicle has just started, it should speed up slowly so as to avoid quick acceleration of the damaged components. In the course of driving, the speed regulator should be loosened to avoid damage to the motor and other parts. In the premise of safety, the frequent brakes and starting should be reduced to save electricity. When the vehicle starts and climbs up, it uses pedal assistance; when it is launched, it should turn off the power supply, so as to prevent unintentional turning of the speed regulation, and the car suddenly starts to have an accident.


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