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Functional standard for electric bicycle chargers
Sep 08, 2018

In order to protect the battery of the electric bicycle, when charging, you should choose a high-quality dedicated and matching electric bicycle charger. In the process of production, this type of charger products will adopt very strict testing equipment and means to ensure stable and safe charging.


So, what kind of electric bicycle charger is good for the user? What is its functional standard? First of all, the choice is a high-quality charger should have a single-chip digital control, charge and discharge control parameters should be consistent with the battery's unique charging curve, the current determines the battery is full, not voltage judgment. Secondly, it has a positive and negative pulse repair charging function, which can crush the lead sulfate crystal of the plate and repair the activity of the plate.


In addition, the high-quality electric bicycle charger should also have the automatic temperature compensation function, which can adjust the charging voltage according to the different ambient temperature to ensure that the summer is not overcharged and winter is not undercharged. At the same time, it should also have a balanced charging function, which can prevent the voltage inconsistency between the series connected batteries and maintain the battery capacity consistency. In addition, it should have conventional reverse connection, short circuit, over current and over voltage, over temperature and no load protection.

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