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Food delivery scooter
Jul 28, 2018

At present, the take-away industry is booming, and at the same time it has driven the rapid development of food delivery scooter. The electric scooter manufacturer has also launched a corresponding product specifically for the purpose of facilitating the targeted purchase of the food delivery staff. For example, some high-end version of the delivery car is equipped with two sets of 60V20Ah batteries, so that the maximum battery life of 80-90km, and with high-performance motors, give the food security of the food delivery.


At the same time, the safety performance of this type of food delivery scooter has been specially upgraded and strengthened. For example, the use of the front disc brake and the drum brake design provides a certain safety guarantee for the brake. The storage frame at the rear of the car is used to place the meal incubator. The handlebar is also intimately added to the mobile phone holder, which is convenient for the food delivery staff to navigate and contact the buyer. And the damping system is also optimized to make the food delivery staff more comfortable and safer during the ride.

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