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Foldable electric standing scooters endurance
Aug 23, 2018

When purchasing a folding electric scooter, first of all, pay attention to its endurance ability, which is directly related to the problem of folding electric scooter battery selection. At present, there are two main types of batteries used in folding electric scooters, one is a lead-acid battery, and the other is a lithium battery. The price of lead-acid batteries is relatively low; in the case of the same battery capacity, the weight and volume of lithium batteries are much smaller than that of lead-acid batteries, which has a great advantage in reducing the weight of electric scooters, and its life can be better than lead acid. The battery is longer.

Folding electric scooters are just like electric bicycles. Motors are the performance guarantee of all electric vehicles, so the choice of motors is especially important. At present, the folding electric scooter generally uses the hub motor, and the hub motor is divided into a solid hub motor and a hollow hub motor. The former structure is relatively compact and simple, the heat dissipation performance is good, and the power consumption is small, so the consumer should try to select the hollow hub motor. Not only does the performance be better, but the motor life is longer.

In addition, the structure of the folding electric scooter cannot be ignored. This type of vehicle is simple in structure, light in battery, small in body and foldable, so it is usually much lighter than ordinary electric bicycles. When purchasing, it is necessary not only to pay attention to whether the body structure of the scooter is strong, but also to pay attention to whether it is easy to carry, and the weight is naturally as light as possible.

In addition to the requirement for light weight, we also pay attention to the material and structure of the folding electric scooter. At least 100 kg of bearing capacity is required to ensure that the scooter is strong enough to withstand the bumpy road. At present, the most commonly used electric scooters are alloy steel or aluminum alloy.

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