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Evaluation evaluation index of electric scooter
Jun 27, 2018

Several evaluation indexes of electric scooter:

Pedal: the inferior scooter pedal can bear the weight of small, adult one step up then bend, pedal bending enough to affect the whole structure of the scooter, so that the player can not be able to handle the risk, and the general safety pedal can bear the weight of less than 110 kilograms.

Wheel: the wheel is made with PU shock absorbent. If the number of use is not much (about 1 weeks and two times), it is best to change every half a year. If the number of times is frequent (about 1 weeks 5 times), it is better to change the wheel every March.

Brakes: the brake is located at the top of the rear wheel. Before buying, you should use pedals to step on, check whether the brakes are free or not, and play with the right posture.

Spring: adding spring on the wheel is an improved design of the latest scooter, which can help the operator to complete the difficult action and also help the body stability.

Handrail: sponge has the function of shock absorption, and has the function of absorbing sweat and skidding. Inferior armour sponge is easier to damage.

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