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Electric tricycle mobility scooter brake system design instructions
Apr 10, 2018

When designing an electric tricycle mobility scooter, the design of its braking system was one of the most important tasks. Under normal circumstances, the front brake is controlled by the hand brake, and the rear brake is made by the foot pedal. The brake device for electric tricycles includes mechanical drum brakes and hydraulic disc brakes.


During the braking operation of the electric tricycle, the brake of the hydraulic disc brake is misaligned and fixedly fixed with the front fork, which belongs to the fixed part of the braking device. The brake disc is fixed with the wheel and rotates with the wheel. When braking, grip the brake lever, move the plunger valve, and push the hydraulic oil along the hydraulic tubing into the two cylinders of the brake caliper. Due to the action of the hydraulic oil, the oil cylinder pushes the friction plate to tightly clamp the brake disc from both sides, thereby generating a great frictional resistance and forcing the wheel to stop rotating. When the brake lever is released, the pressure in the hydraulic oil circuit quickly falls back, and the oil cylinder drives the friction plate back to its original position, releasing the brake.


First of all, let's analyze the design and principle of the front wheel braking system for electric tricycles. For the moment, its front-wheel brake system is in the form of a hand-held brake. The specific braking principle can be summarized as follows: through the front fork handle - handle pull - brake pull - brake shaft - rim - brake pads - brake the brake to reach the role.


Next, learn about the design and braking principle of the rear brake system for electric tricycles. At present, the rear wheel brake system uses a foot-pedal brake type. The braking principle is: through the brake pedal - the connecting rod - the intermediate shaft - the connecting rod - the pull-piece - the brake shaft - the brake friction plate presses the rim to complete the braking process.


In addition, parking systems are also installed in many electric tricycles. The working principle of the parking system is: a spring-loaded guide rod in the middle of the parking handle and a toothed lock switch on the electric tricycle cooperate with the parking brake via the parking handle - the connecting rod - the intermediate rotary shaft to connect the brake system. the goal of.

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