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Electric scooter hidden danger news C
Jun 05, 2018

In a few electric scooter dealerships located at Jiefang North Road, reporters saw almost every store selling different kinds of electric scooters. In a shop, when the owner realized that the reporter wanted to find a scooter, he pointed to a small electric scooter and told the reporter: "the seat of this scooter can be dismantled, as long as the seat is dismantled, it is a scooter." The reporter noticed that the electric scooter supports a stainless steel tube. The bottom is connected to the bottom of the scooter with a stud. As long as the steel tube is rotated, the seat can be dismantled easily.

In another store nearby, the shopkeeper recommended a folding electric scooter to reporters. "The scooter is more than 10 kilos in weight, very light. In addition, the handlebars and vehicle poles can be folded and folded. The boss said, "in the field, this scooter can enter the subway. When they go to work, they go out to the subway station and ride to work. When it comes to sales volume, the boss said that the sales of electric scooters are not big, but they are very stable. "Basically, there are always five or six sales in one month."

"The electric scooter can't go on the road."


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