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Electric scooter hidden danger news B
Jun 04, 2018

Zhao Xinyue said, "originally, I often put my bicycle into the office, but it takes up too much space. It's very difficult for people to come and go. And this electric scooter is not folding, but also can not occupy a lot of place, to the unit, I directly put the scooter under the desk, a little do not affect others.

"Solve the problem of home."

Nowadays, drinking without driving has become a common understanding, and driving service is becoming more and more popular. After the end of the work, especially after midnight, how to get home without a bus has become the most troublesome problem for many generations of drivers. The day before yesterday, near 23, in the vicinity of Shanxi gymnasium, master Chen, who had just sent the guests home, was riding his electric scooter to his home. "We are driving on behalf of Land Rover, BMW, eating Street box lunch, the number of luxury scooters, the road home is difficult." Master Chen, skillfully riding a skateboard, chatted with a reporter, "you see, now it is almost 23 hours, my home is still under the yuan, or ride this thing fast." "This scooter is heard by friends, bought online, 1800 yuan, not expensive but also convenient." Master Chen told reporters that when he arrived at the hotel gate at the appointed time, master Chen put his electric scooter in the trunk of the owner. When the owner of the drink arrived home, he took out the scooter and drove back all the way. Master Chen said that he could not earn much money one night. If he took a taxi again, the cost would be too great, and the portable electric scooter would solve the problem of going home.

"A month can always sell out five or six."


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