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Electric scooter hidden danger news A
Jun 01, 2018

For a period of time, the reporter found in our city, early and late rush hour, the original only as an entertainment tool, electric scooter, electric balance scooter now also become a substitute tool, has quietly been with the workers, appeared on the road. However, there are basically no protection measures, especially in places where traffic flow and traffic flow are large.

"It's easy to scooterry."

"I work in a particularly chaotic place. If I ride a bike, it will be very unsafe to store. I can not bring it into the office like this." Zhao Xinyue, the citizen, told reporters. She works in an old commercial district of our city, which is about 3 kilometers away from the unit. "This distance is not far away. It's not nearly near. If you walk, you have to walk for 20 minutes." Zhao Xinyue said, "riding a bike, our unit did not save the shed, bicycle storage has become a big problem. When I was just working, I lost two bicycles. " After losing his scooter, Zhao Xinyue took a bite of his teeth for a while. But recently, her legs began to feel uncomfortable. Every day she went to the unit, her legs hurt for a long time. At this time, a businessman recommended an electric scooter to her. After a few days' ride, Zhao Xinyue found it very convenient. "It's very easy to ride. It's a twenty minute walk. It's five minutes now, and it's not tiring. The key is very convenient to scooterry, the whole scooter is more than 10 jin weight, not a place. "


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