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Electric scooter hidden danger news D
Jun 06, 2018

Although in the interview, many businessmen believe that the electric scooter will be the trend of future development. An industry expert said: "one of the pain points for electric scooters is traffic jams. Taking a domestic front line city as an example, the per capita Road area is 3.5 square meters, the city center has about 50% of the peak hour peak hour saturation of 95%, the full day saturation is over 70%, the traffic jam becomes the common meal, the electric scooter is portable, agile and zero discharge, which can greatly improve the efficiency of short journey. However, according to the existing traffic regulations in China, driving electric scooters and balancing vehicles on any public road is illegal. A traffic department staff told reporters: "driving on the road, motor vehicles, non motorized scooterriageways and sidewalks is illegal. The electric scooter itself has no road rights. It can only be used in some residential areas or entertainment public places, parks, closed roads and closed places for recreational activities, and can not be used as a means of transportation. He said that the current market on the electric scooter, the balance scooter and the general bicycle different, some without the throttle and the brakes, purely dependent on the level of the rider body tilt control, if the control is not good, easy fall. "It is suggested that the public should be cautious when choosing and using."


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