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Electric passenger tricycles voltage stability and no overload requirements
Apr 03, 2018

Electric passenger tricycles need to effectively check whether the battery box is locked before riding, and whether the display panel lights are normal or not. When the manned electric tricycle is driving on the surface of the water in rainy weather, the depth of accumulated water is not more than electric. If the water depth of the road area exceeds the center of the electric wheel, it may cause the electric wheel to seep and cause a malfunction.


Electric passenger tricycles should be effective in avoiding exposure to humid air or high temperature and corrosive gases. This can effectively avoid the occurrence of chemical corrosion on the plating surface of metal parts.

 1000w electric tricycle .jpg

Electric passenger tricycles should effectively avoid exposing their vehicles to prolonged exposure and rain for a long time so as not to damage the components in the controller and cause malfunctions and accidents. The structure of the electrical control part is complex, and the user should not disassemble or repair it without authorization. If the local charging voltage is not stable, it is easy to blow the charger fuse. It is recommended to use an AC voltage regulator.


Electric passenger tricycles should not be overloaded in the process of riding. To a certain extent, they should not place their heavy articles and people, so that bad batteries and motors can be avoided to some extent.

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