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Electric Mobility Tricycle' tires
Jun 29, 2018

Generally, when we purchase electric tricycles, in addition to the tread pattern, inner and outer tires that can be seen intuitively, in fact, the whole tire still has some structural names that we do not know, and these are usually ignored by consumers.

First, the first, the tread, refers to the part of the tire in contact with the ground, generally made of natural rubber, the upper pattern is mainly selected based on actual road conditions and uses, the main role is to protect the internal steel wire and some The role of fiber is also the highest part of the entire tire loss. Its function is mainly braking, drainage, vibration steering and so on.

The second, tire wall, this part generally does not directly contact with the ground, but also has a protective effect on the wire and fiber in the carcass, but also will tire size, model and manufacturer, etc. emerge on it.

The third, the carcass, is the main skeleton of the tire. With the maximum impact force, the pressure carried is conceivable. Generally, man-made fibers are interwoven with rubber after gluing. It is affixed to the inner layer of the fetus.

The fourth, the cover, which is mainly wrapped around the tire, is formed by bending the tread along the side of the sidewall.

The fifth, annulus, this layer is mainly between the tread and the carcass, but also what we see is not, mainly play the role of the buffer layer, improve the strength of the tread.

The sixth, the bead lip, where the inner edge of the tire contacts with the steel ring, is mainly used to catch the steel ring.

Seventh, inner cover, protect the bead lip and fix the tire edge.

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