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Electric Mobility Scooter Good Daily Maintenance (Part A)
Apr 11, 2018

Read the owner's manual for your electric mobility scooter very carefully before attempting any of the maintenance techniques outlined below. While we offer tips on features common to many scooter models, your scooter's features may vary, and the manufacturer's recommendations for maintenance should be followed if their instructions differ from ours.

Check the tire pressure and charge the battery prior to each use of your electric scooter. Also, check the brake lever to ensure it doesn't make contact with the handlebar or tiller when depressed. If these parts touch, you'll want to readjust the brake lever.

Tires: Tires should always be inflated to the factory-recommended PSI (pounds per square inch). Slack tires cause the motor to have to work harder, which can damage motor components. Additionally, tubing has a tendency to rotate during braking and acceleration in a slack tire; this can destroy the valve stem, which almost always means you'll need to completely replace the tires on your scooter. (Note: If your scooter has flat free, or solid, tires, you do not need to check air pressure; simply monitor the tread depth and replace the wheels if they get too worn down.)

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