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Electric folding bike operating points and riding requirements
Apr 08, 2018

Electric folding bike is an innovative electric bike. In the process of design, its main concept will originate from the old-fashioned front-wheel and large rear-end bicycle, which will give people a certain degree of uniqueness.

In the process of riding, the folding electric bicycle rides directly on the body, effectively puts his hand on the side of the helm, operates the accelerator and the brake with fingers, and the feet are firmly placed on the footrest, and the maximum speed Up to 12 miles per hour (about 20 kilometers per hour).

The rider on the folding electric bike does not need to step on the pedals, mainly to save a lot of physical strength to a certain extent. The vehicle uses a lithium phosphate battery and can be filled with 80% of electricity within 20 minutes. The car is a new type of electric vehicle that combines the dual advantages of folding bicycles and electric bicycles.

Folding electric bicycle operating points

To ride this car, you first need to sit upright, put your hand on the side of the helm, operate your accelerator and brake with your fingers, and your feet need to be firmly placed on the footstool. The seat design and specifications of the bicycle are very humanized, and the rider does not need to step on the pedal effortlessly, saving a lot of physical strength. On the front side, the rider is like sitting on a bar stool on a bar, driving at a speed of 17 kilometers per hour, as if a person is floating without moving his legs, which is an eye-opener.

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