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Electric brake lever adjustment brake process and structure
May 18, 2018

In the process of using the electric vehicle, compared with an ordinary bicycle, the structure of the brake lever of the vehicle is not complicated. To a certain extent, there will be one more switch and one adjustable speed adjustable resistance. When the brake is operated, , Switch off, cut off the power supply of the motor, release the brake circuit.

The general wiring switch in the electric brake lever is connected to the electric wire section of the electric appliance. During the operation, the electric wire can be connected to the neutral wire. Although the zero wire can be cut off, the electric wire is disconnected from the electric wire, the instantaneous electric current or the surge phenomenon is used. Production damage cases Fire or fuse blow and other hazards must be set in accordance with the instructions to avoid air to connect to reverse the potential hazards. Connect the thick fire wire to the generator output, and the upper and lower plugs can be connected. Generally, three plugs are used to pull out the plug of a headlight, and a plug that can be connected to the plug is connected (this plug In the incrementer, it is different from the other two.) Then find the other two headlights on the line.

The general output of the electric brake lever generally has several terminals, in which the marked “0” is used to connect the welding ground, and the other ones are to adjust the welding current. According to the welding current required by the welding part, the welding wire is connected to the corresponding column. on.

Electric brake lever adjusts brake position

As you look down the gate, you will find a screw that adjusts the brake. We use this screw to adjust the brake gap, which is the brake's sensitivity.

Adjust the braking process

1. Wrench loosen the screw.

2. Pliers tighten the wire and adjust the brake clearance.

3. Adjust the gap of the brake and tighten it properly. Tighten the adjustment screw.

The test brake of the electric brake lever is reliable and over-tight. If there is a problem, repeat the second step and adjust the brakes again until the problem is resolved.

The structure of the electric brake lever is very simple. In the process of production, the basic unit is the controller, motor, frame, plastic parts, shock absorber, battery, and controller. The quality of the frame is directly determined. The safety performance of the vehicle.

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