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electric bicycle meter led display of electric bicycle meter led display
Jan 25, 2019

The area of the electric bicycle instrument led display is extensible, and the LED display can be arbitrarily extended and seamlessly spliced. The electric bicycle instrument led display can use interactive technology to enhance the interaction between the screen and the advertising audience, such as custom touch screen, cloud technology broadcast control and so on.

The LED display of the electric bicycle meter has better display performance, and the LED display has higher brightness, wider viewing angle and good color reproduction capability than the LCD screen. LED brushing machine is generally used in airports, shopping malls, hotels, high-speed rail, subway, cinema, exhibitions, office buildings, etc. The target customers have strong spending power and have huge advertising value.

The electric bicycle meter led display has strong illumination brightness. When the sunlight is directly on the screen surface within the visible distance, the display content is clearly visible. The super gray control has 1024-4096 gray level control, the display color is 16.7M or more, and the color is clear and vivid. Strong sense of three-dimensional.

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