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Eec pedal assisted electric scooter motor, battery and tire selection
Sep 21, 2018

The core component of the Eec pedal-assisted electric scooter is the motor, because it is the carrier of all power output; so the first thing to look at is the Eec pedal-assisted electric scooter. Normally, the Eec pedal-assisted electric scooter is equipped with a 36V rated power of 250W, a motor with a maximum torque of 17N.M, a rated torque of 5N.M, a rated speed of 530r/min and an efficiency of 85%. The maximum speed is 20km/h. The maximum climb angle is 12° and the boost start mode is designed.


The Eec pedal-assisted electric scooter sets the initial speed + turn-start mode. When the scooter is at rest or the initial speed is lower than 4km/h, even if the torsion-turn electronic system is automatically recognized, no power is output. Prevent accidental collision with the car and cause unnecessary injury.


The second is the battery. The Eec pedal-assisted electric scooter uses imported lithium batteries and intelligent BMS battery management system. It accurately obtains the factual state of each group of batteries, perfectly coordinates each battery core, and meets the power output needs and discharge at any time. protection of.


The Eec pedal-assisted electric scooter uses a rear solid tire. Although the weight has increased, it is also important for safety considerations. The front wheel is easy to replace and has a certain damping effect, so the front wheel of the electric scooter is riding. Designed as an inflatable design, it can cut off some bumps and vibrations caused by uneven road surface during sports and improve the riding experience.



The code table and the power switch are designed in one piece. The code table has three function keys, which are the switch key, the switch light/menu switch button and the speaker button. The display is in black and white and can be seen clearly during the day. The power is displayed on the left side of the screen. If there is a Bluetooth connection on the side of the battery and the light is turned on, the corresponding icon will be displayed. The right side display shows the real-time speed and press the function key to view more mileage information.

The headlights are optional components, but the crowdfunding system now sends front and rear lighting systems. Interested friends can also modify more interesting lighting effects, such as flash belts. The front and rear power connectors add to the fun of DIY. Let's talk about these two lights. The brightness of the headlights is still not bright enough, the illumination distance is not far enough, and the taillights are still quite arrogant. It might be more interesting to be able to add the function of the brake light. I hope that the production version will have the opportunity to achieve.

Let's take a look at the other parts. The riding electric scooter adopts the single-brake dual-system mode to protect the escort. The manual + electronic double-breaking brake system can provide fast and effective braking force and prevent the braking force from being overwhelmed. The disadvantages of balance; the effect is quite obvious in the actual experience.

The front face of the electric scooter and the rear waterproof bezel are all white accents. The rubber material used in the grip has a good anti-slip effect, but it is easy to dirty. The pedal part is frosted and has a very good anti-slip effect. There is also a charging port on the left side, and a waterproof protective cover is designed, indicating that the riding electric scooter has certain waterproof performance.

Folding effect:

The biggest difference between an electric scooter and an electric scooter is that the scooter can be easily stored. Of course, the riding electric scooter is indispensable for this function, but the riding electric scooter is slightly regrettable that it can only be folded one level, and the horizontal part cannot be Folding, the support bar can not be stretched up and down looks like a relatively missing design? In fact, the author has also played several scooters with very good folding performance. There are several problems. The first is that the horizontal folding time is a little longer and the lock is not tight, mainly because the handle part is loose. The support rod will automatically "sink" on the bumpy road. With such a comparison, I feel that the design of the riding electric scooter is not convenient, but it is really practical. There are no troubles in these two aspects.

Riding the electric scooter can also extend two small wheels after folding, and will extend out in the folded state. The main function is that you can imagine that it is easy to tow. Compared to hand-held, dragging can leave a lot of effort.

In terms of storage, the electric scooter can be easily placed in the trunk of a crowded household car, and there is a relatively large space for other things. Put the bus on the trunk, riding the electric scooter will not let you down.

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