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Delivery electric vehicle electrical system and daily inspection content
Apr 12, 2018

Delivery electric vehicles have a good mobility, flexible and convenient, and a very fast way of transport, mainly to meet the needs of urban residents to send meals. Under normal circumstances, the design of this kind of food delivery vehicle is relatively simple atmosphere.


From the composition analysis, generally one meal delivery electric vehicle mainly includes three core components: battery, motor, and electronic control. After the functional design of ordinary electric vehicles, this type of electric vehicle has been widely used in food delivery services in different places. It truly achieves environmental protection, comfort and energy saving, and meets the different needs of customers.


The excellent characteristics of food delivery electric vehicles are mainly reflected in four aspects, namely: 1, economy; 2, practicality; 3, convenience; 4, extensive.


Delivery electric vehicle electrical system composition introduction: due to different functions, it can be divided into two systems, one is a power system, mainly composed of batteries, motors, etc.; the other system belongs to the control and auxiliary department, including the main Electronic controls, accelerators, switches, wiring harnesses, chargers, etc. The power motor uses more DC series excitation motors, DC excitation motors, brushless motors, switched reluctance motors, and AC asynchronous motors, among which the DC series excitation motors and DC excitation motors are characterized by their low price and superior performance. Electric vehicles are widely used.


In order to ensure the safety of travel, it is necessary to check before using the electric vehicle for meal delivery. The main purpose is to confirm that all parts should be in the correct position and properly installed. Make sure to tighten all nuts, bolts, and screws. For example, check the tire pressure. Visually inspect for wear, damage and proper inflation every day. In addition, pay attention to checking whether the batteries and charger wires, plugs and sockets of the delivered electric vehicle are intact.

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