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Daily maintainance of food delivery electric scooter
Feb 06, 2018

Firstly, it should be carefully checked before driving,for example, making sure the battery is full and whether the front light and rear light work or not.

Secondly, once the depth of water in the road exceeds the center of the wheel in rainy days, you’d better not drive and vice verse; The scooter should avoid the place where the air is humid, or the temperature is too high, or it has corrosive gas, which prevents the surface of electroplated paint of mental parts from chemical corrosion.

Thirdly, avoid prolonged exposure under sunlight and rain to protect the conponents of the controller from damages and operation failure. The structure of electrical control part is very complicated, it is unauthorized to disassemble or repair by users.

72V electric scooter.jpg

Fourly, during e-scooter charging time, if the local voltage is unstable, it’s easy to fuse the charger fuse. So AC voltage stabilizer is highly recommended.Besides, you may feel heavier when you back the food delivery scooter and there will be a slight frictional sound in the hub of the wheel when you move forward, which are both normal phenomena. In order to to avoid battery and motor damages, override is not recommended when riding.

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