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Constant voltage charging method matters needing attention for electric scooter charger B
May 11, 2018

Constant voltage charging means that each single cell is charged at a constant voltage (usually a single cell number * 2.5V). Its main characteristics are: the initial charging current is quite large, the battery electromotive force and the relative density of the electrolyte rise rapidly. With the continuous charging current decreasing gradually, only a small current is passed at the end of the charging period; the charging time is short and the energy consumption is low. After charging 4 -5h, the battery can get the capacity of 90% to 95%. If the charging voltage is properly selected, the whole charging process can be completed by 8h, and the whole charging process is free of charge, so it is widely used in supplementary charging.


The shortage of constant voltage charging is that as the initial charging current is too large, the charging current will rise abruptly in the initial stage when charging the large discharge depth of the battery, which is easy to cause the overcurrent of battery and the damage of the charging equipment. In the charging process, the charging electric current can not be adjusted, so it is not suitable for the initial charge and desulphurizing of the battery. Because the battery voltage is difficult to compensate during the charging process, it is difficult to complete the full charge of the battery with slow capacity recovery.


The following items should be paid attention to using the method of constant pressure charging:

1. The charging voltage is selected correctly. If the charging voltage is too high, the charging current is too large in the early stage of charging. When the charging voltage is too high, it will cause the bending of the plate, the massive loss of the active material and the damage of the accumulator's temperature. Too low will lead to insufficient battery charging, resulting in reduced capacity and shortened life.


2. The voltage of the charged battery must be exactly the same.


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