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Common sense of traffic safety on the road of electric scooter G
May 22, 2018

The seventy-sixth: the liability of the insurance company within the limits of the compulsory insurance liability of the third party of the motor scooter is compensated by the motor scooter accident, which is caused by traffic accidents, and the insufficient part shall bear the liability in accordance with the following provisions:

1. If a traffic accident occurs between the motor scooters, the fault party shall bear the liability for compensation; if both parties are at fault, the liability shall be shared according to their respective fault proportions.

2. Traffic accidents between motor scooters and non motorized motorists and pedestrians, non motorized motorists and pedestrians have no fault, the one side of the motor scooter is responsible for compensation; there is evidence to prove that non motor scooter drivers and pedestrians have fault, according to the degree of fault to reduce the compensation liability of the motor scooter one party; one side of motor scooter does not. If there is any fault, the liability shall not exceed ten percent.

The loss of a traffic accident is caused by a collision between a motor scooter driver and a pedestrian, and the scooter side shall not be liable for compensation.

Eighty-ninth: pedestrians, passenger cars, non motorized motorists who violate road traffic safety laws and regulations on road traffic regulations, shall be warned or fined less than 5 yuan and less than 50 yuan, and non motorized motorists may withhold non motor scooters by refusing to accept fines.


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