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Common sense of traffic safety on the road of electric scooter G
May 21, 2018

Fifty-eighth: the disabled motorized wheelchair and electric bicycles should not exceed fifteen km in the non motorized lane.


Fifty-ninth: non motor scooters should be parked at specified locations. Where there is no parking place, the parking of non motor scooters shall not obstruct other scooters and pedestrians.


The sixtieth: harnessing the animal car, should use tamed livestock; harnessing a livestock car crossing the road, the driver should get off and pull the livestock; control the person to leave the scooter, should be fastened to livestock.


The sixty-seventh: pedestrians, non motor scooters, tractors, wheeled special machinery cars, articulated buses, full trailers and other scooters with the highest speed of less than seventy kilometers per hour, shall not enter the highway. The speed limit marked on expressways should not exceed one hundred and twenty km.


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