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Common sense of traffic safety on the road of electric scooter (F)
May 18, 2018

5. How does the road traffic safety law stipulate electric cars?

Eighteenth: the non motor scooters that should be registered according to law should be registered on the traffic management department of the public security organs before they can go on the road. The types of non motor scooters that should be registered according to law shall be prescribed by the people's governments of provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government according to local actual conditions. The dimensions, quality, brake, bell and night reflector of non motor scooters should meet the safety standards of non motor scooters.

Thirty-fifth: motor scooters and non motorized scooters are on the right.

Thirty-sixth: according to the road conditions and traffic requirements, roads are divided into motorized lanes, non motorized lanes and sidewalks, and motor scooters, non motor scooters and pedestrians pass through the road. Without dividing motor scooter lanes, non motorized carriageways and sidewalks, motor scooters pass through the middle of roads, and non motorized scooters and pedestrians pass on both sides of the road.

Fifty-seventh: driving non motorized scooters on the road should comply with the relevant provisions of traffic safety. Non motorized scooters should be driven in non motorized driveways, and on the right side of roads without non motorized lanes.


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