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Common sense of traffic safety on electric scooters (D)
May 16, 2018

Four. Nine major security points

Point 1: when we are riding an electric car, we have the best hands to hold the handlebars, because the electric car is heavier. If we hold the handlebars in one hand and meet the emergency, it is likely that the brain can not react, the turn of the electric lamp is not in time, and there is an accident.

Point 2: when we are riding an electric car, we can't hang things on the handlebar, because after the handlebar hangs, the turning of the car is not flexible, it meets the emergency. If the turn is not in time, it is easy to have a traffic accident.

Main point 3: the electric car should take the non motorized lane, do not drive on the motorway. If we drive on the motorway, even after the accident, even the car is caused, we can't escape the responsibility because we go wrong lane.

Main point 4: the electric scooter will be maintained every three months. The maintenance includes the screw of the wheel and the lubricating oil. We should keep the regular maintenance of our scooters in time according to the regulations. It is best to keep the maintenance in the designated shop to prolong the service life of our electric scooter. In addition, if our car is used. If the scooter is not maintained all the year round, it may cause the spontaneous combustion of electric scooters.


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