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Common sense of traffic safety on electric scooters (B)
May 14, 2018

2. Hidden dangers of electric scooters

Hidden danger 1: fast vehicle speed

At present, most of the electric scooters on the market exceed the national standard, exceeding 20 km / h, resulting in the reduction of the safety factor of electric bicycles. And if there is a traffic accident, electric bicycles exceeding 20 km / h will be handled according to motorcycles.


Hidden danger 2: poor braking performance

The comprehensive safety and poor braking performance of electric scooters are quite common. In electric scooter traffic accidents, there is a very prominent situation, that is, drivers because of brakes or evasive accidents.


Hidden danger 3: complex use of people

Because of the company's middle shift and night shift employees, driving electric scooters also has some security risks. They should try to take buses or other means of transportation.


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