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Common sense of traffic safety on electric scooters (A)
May 04, 2018

1. Dangerous behavior of electric bicycles

Dangerous behavior 1: break the red light

Many people run red lights when driving electric bikes. Electric bicycles are shuttling through the crowd of pedestrians, scramble with pedestrians, and even some electric bikes accidentally bump into pedestrians.

Dangerous behavior 2: cross the road at random

On the road, many electric bicycles are driving along the side of the road, but when the scooters on the road are reduced, they will cross the road immediately.

Dangerous behavior 3: free overloading

In the industrial area, the overloading of electric bicycles is often seen. A scooter is crowded with 2 or even 3 people, often finding someone driving an electric bicycle and running fast on the road.

Dangerous behavior 4: playing a mobile phone when riding a bike

Mobile phones have now become an essential living tool in people's lives, but many people suffer from "cell phone dependence" and play mobile phones without time and place. Some even play their mobile phones when riding or crossing the road, joking with their own lives, and harm others at the same time. The life of a man.

Dangerous behavior 5: stay on the road

After work, people often see the two sides of the road in the industrial area and laugh and play. However, the motor scooters in the industrial area are moving out, and there are no red lights in the industrial area. All the scooters open very quickly. There is a great possibility of accidents in the process of staying and playing. After leaving the company, you should leave as soon as possible, do not stop at the road or company door, be responsible for your own safety.

Dangerous behavior 6: retrograde in the road

Because the electric scooter is flexible, small and fast, in the industrial area and on the nearby road, it is often seen that some people ride the electric scooter and do not obey the traffic rules, random the road, or even the retrograde, so the traffic accident is not the few.


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