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Common sense of electric vehicle traffic safety PartB
Apr 23, 2018

2, the quality of products is not good enough, which is another major factor causing frequent traffic accidents.


First of all, manufacturers are driven by interests, and the quality of products is difficult to guarantee. Due to the driving of rich interests and fierce market competition, the manufacturers pursue the quantity and value of production unilaterally, ignore the quality, safety and stability of the products, and continue to make great contributions to the load, speed and storage time of the products. In addition, according to the statistics of domestic electric vehicles, about 30% of the electric vehicles are assembled, and about 40% of the electric vehicles are produced by the OEM. The product quality of the whole industry is difficult to guarantee.


Secondly, vendors spare no effort to cater to the psychology of consumers, take the initiative to help owners to remove speed limiting safety devices, and increase vehicle power and remove pedals. After the business changes, the speed of the electric vehicle can reach 50 kilometers per hour, which will increase the security risks while satisfying the consumers.


Third, the low entry threshold of drivers is another reason for the high rate of electric vehicle accidents.


To sum up, if the users, producers and sellers of electric vehicles are not managed promptly, scientifically and effectively, electric vehicles will inevitably be transformed into a potential killer of urban road traffic by the convenient means of transportation to improve the quality of life of people.


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