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Common sense of electric vehicle traffic safety PartA
Apr 20, 2018

The cause of frequent occurrence of all hidden dangers in electric vehicles


1, drivers' safety consciousness is weak, illegal driving directly leads to a marked increase in road traffic accidents. On duty, the police found that over 95% of electric vehicles were speeding up to varying degrees, with speeds of up to 50 kilometers per hour. Illegal entry into the motorway. The fourth paragraph of Article 100 of the code of road traffic safety law stipulates that "non motor vehicle" refers to a vehicle driven by human or animal power, a vehicle driving on the road, and a motorized wheelchair and electricity with the highest speed, the quality of the empty car and the size of the disabled, which is in accordance with the national standard, although it is driven by a power device. A vehicle, such as a motor train. The fifty-seventh article clearly stipulates that the non motor vehicles should travel in the non motorized lane; because the motorists lack the knowledge of traffic safety, they do their own way on the road, and do not travel, reverse, change the driveway, adjust the traffic lights, and do not comply with the traffic lights on the road, the road and the road, and the vehicles and pedestrians. Scramble for roads, these illegal activities can easily lead to traffic accidents.


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