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Choose the right electric scooter with seat for adults for you.
Oct 22, 2018

There are more and more electric scooters and adult seats in the market, and the price is getting closer to the people. It is very important to choose an electric scooter with seat for adults  suitable for you. First of all, be sure to choose according to your own needs. Electric scooters and adult seats are small mobility tools. Before you buy, you need to understand your own use. It is a product that needs light weight and is easy to carry, or a product that needs to ride comfortably, or A product that requires a different look. For each requirement, how to choose the configuration.  


 Then it is more appropriate to see how much the cruising range of the electric scooter and the adult seat is running. First we have to look at how big the battery is; then calculate its theoretical life. The recommended mileage is about 30km. The mainstream electric scooters are in this range. The price will be moderate and the short-distance travel demand will be met.  


 Lightweight is also a reason why electric scooters and adult seats attract everyone to try to buy. It is a mini body, can enter the elevator, enter the subway, get on the bus, and can carry it with you. Generally, the power of an electric scooter and an adult seat is about 240w-600w. The specific climbing ability is related to the motor power and the voltage. Under the same circumstances, the climbing strength of 24V240W is not as good as the climbing strength of 36V350W.  


 Therefore, if the slope of the road section is relatively large, it is recommended to select a voltage of more than 36V and the motor power is above 350w. If you need to climb the slope of the underground garage, then it is best to choose 48V500W or more, so that the motor can also be better protected.

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