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Charging and driving requirements for 800W three-wheel electric scooters
Nov 20, 2018

When charging the 800W three-wheeled electric scooter, first insert the charger charging port into the charging port on the back of the car body, then plug the charger into the power socket to charge. When the indicator on the charger lights up in red, it indicates that charging is in progress; when the indicator changes from red to green, the battery is fully charged. It should be noted that in the daily use of the 800W three-wheel electric scooter, try to avoid completely exhausting and recharging the battery. When the status display panel shows that the battery is low, please charge it as soon as possible.


The body of the 800W three-wheel electric scooter has a USB port that outputs 5V/1A current when turned on. It can charge the remote control or other devices. The USB interface has an output only when the switch is turned on, and can only be powered, and has no data transmission capability. Do not plug in powered devices that require a current greater than 1A.


800W three-wheel electric scooter should be equipped with effective safety measures before driving. Wear approved helmets that conform to the shape of the head and contain a cap and protect the back of the head. Drivers can wear protective gear such as gloves, eye protection, waist protectors and knee pads based on driving conditions and past experience.

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