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Characteristics of Two wheel Electric Patrol Motorcycle
Aug 30, 2018

The characteristics of Two wheel Electric Patrol  Motorcycle in the process of its use, the damage caused by the plating bumper, anti-collision, rubbing, scraping and pouring process, make the car as new as ever. The second-wheel patrol electric vehicle adopts the front hydraulic disc brake, powerful braking system, and the brake reaction is more flexible, which can effectively brake at high speed to ensure safe driving.


The luxurious rear taillight of Two wheel Electric Patrol  Motorcycle has strong reflective performance and has a good warning function during operation. Its two-color luxury rear tail turn signal, outstanding night warning effect, safe and secure, magnetic code motor lock, advanced Encryption technology, double protection of vehicle safety, improved anti-theft function, multi-functional innovative design, and more convenient control.


The single-spring bold adjustable rear shock absorber of the Two wheel Electric Patrol  Motorcycle adopts the motorcycle shock absorption standard design during operation, so that the shock-resistant impact pressure can be effectively increased, and the car-class driving is brought. Enjoy, pointer-type instrument display, beautiful and stylish, all kinds of data at a glance.


The Two wheel Electric Patrol  Motorcycle mainly adopts the front disc brake configuration, the braking performance is superior, the braking reaction is more flexible, the braking process is smooth and comfortable, and the vehicle is not deformed for a long time, and the safety of the vehicle on the wet road is safe.

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