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Battery maintenance for electric bicycles
Jun 20, 2018

Electric vehicles have become popular as a means of transportation. People have found that the battery capacity of electric vehicles in winter is much less than in the summer, or it becomes difficult to recharge or even start. In fact, much of this is due to consumers neglecting the maintenance of the battery in the winter.

First of all, every time you go home, no matter how long you use it, you need to charge it to keep it in a fully charged state. If you do not fully charge it, it will not affect the battery, but it will not be fully charged. The battery will not be fully charged. Produce a "memory", affecting its continued mileage, but also deplete the battery life. Insert the battery plug first while charging, and then plug in the power plug. After the charge is completed, unplug the power plug and pull out the battery plug.

Secondly, start the electric car, avoid large current discharge, reduce manned and exercised, and it is best to push or assist in riding while climbing, otherwise the damage to the battery is great. If the vehicle is parked in open or cold storage for several weeks, the battery should be removed and stored in a warmer room to prevent battery icing damage. When the temperature is too low, it is necessary to shorten the use time of the electric vehicle as much as possible, and charging should be performed in time. If you do not plan to use a battery car in the winter, the battery should not be recharged until next year, but it should be charged once every other month to ensure the storage capacity of the lead-acid battery, while avoiding acid spillage. battery. Maintenance staff said that maintenance of the battery remembers to be charged and boosted.

After six months of use, it is best to do a battery maintenance to the maintenance point, properly replenish the electrolyte of the battery, adjust the proportion of the electrolyte, and check the electricity situation, keep the proportion of the battery electrolyte, if necessary, increase the number of charging. At the same time, it is also very important to clean the battery terminals and apply special grease to protect them. This can ensure that the electric vehicle starts reliably and prolongs the life of the battery.

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