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Basic configuration of mountain bike with pedal assistant
Aug 17, 2018

Whether a pedal mountain bike is comfortable to ride, whether it is light and easy to control, how much strength it can withstand, how long it can take, whether it can be upgraded, etc., the key is to look at the frame. The frame of the ankle mountain bike is roughly divided into two types: a hard frame and a full suspension frame. The former is more labor-saving, lighter and cheaper; the latter is more comfortable.


The front fork is also one of the important parts in the pedal mountain bicycle. Its medium is divided into spring fork, resistance rubber, oil spring fork, oil and gas fork, etc., each with its own characteristics. There are two types of brakes for the ankle mountain bike. One is the V brake. It is characterized by a large force. Because it is braked by the friction wheel, the wheel must be adjusted in place and not easily deformed. There is also a disc brake.


The transmission system of the ankle mountain bicycle includes a crankset, a middle shaft, a chain, and a flywheel; the shifting system includes a shifting finger, a front dial, a rear dial, and a shifting line; the wheel includes a rim, a steel wire, front and rear axles, a tire casing, and an inner tube. In general, the ankle mountain bike should use a double-layer ring, because the double-layer ring is stronger than the single-layer ring, and can withstand the test of the performance of the bicycle with the bad terrain. And it has been proved by practice that the flatter the tread, the smaller the resistance, the faster the speed, and the stronger the friction on the flat ground. The more pronounced the tread, the greater the resistance and the slower the speed, the stronger the friction on the mountain.

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