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Balance charger for electric scooter charger
May 25, 2018

For a battery pack consisting of many single cells, such as a stationary battery, after a certain period of operation, it is necessary to perform regular equalization charging. This is because when the charging is performed under the same conditions at ordinary times, the degree of charging of the active material in each part of the plate is different, and as a result, the reaction of the active material occurs in an unbalanced state. In addition, considering that some of the charge and discharge characteristics of the single cells are also different, some of the single cells may be undercharged. Therefore, after the end of the normal charge, the current of about 20 hours is continued to be recharged for 1 to 3 hours. This charging is also called overcharging. When batteries are usually used under the same conditions, it is beneficial to perform regular equalization charging on battery maintenance.

The length of time for equalization and charging is different from user to user, and some require three months or six months. According to advances in battery design and manufacturing technology, battery characteristics do not differ significantly, so there is a tendency to increase the time between equalizing charges.

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