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Attention should be paid to the lower slide plate of the single wheel electric scooter and the inertia slide.
Apr 23, 2018

Single wheel electric scooter in the use of its basic sliding action, in the operation can carry on the upper and lower skateboard, its standing method have two types, one is the left foot in front of the toe to the right, to a certain extent, also called the forward station method, the other is the right foot in front, the foot tip to the left, also called reverse station method.


In general, most of its single wheel electric scooters are used the former method, all of its skills are to some extent based on such a station method as the main benchmark. If you think that this station is uncomfortable, you can also change direction, use the second station method.

1. preparation: two feet on the ground, the skateboard flat on the ground in front of the feet. Upper board: put one foot at the front end of the skateboard and the other foot on the ground.

2. the center of gravity shifts to the feet of the upper board, the upper body slightly leaning forward, the knees bent, arms stretched, and keep balance.

3. step on the ground gently, then get on the skateboard and put it on the back of the skateboard, at this time, the whole body and skateboard begin to slide forward.


Requirements for a single wheel electric scooter when you get off

1. single wheel electric scooter, when the skateboard is not completely stopped, is still sliding forward, placing the center of gravity on the front foot and putting the rear foot on the ground like the landing gear.

2. after landing, the center of gravity is then transferred to the rear foot, then the front foot is lifted, so that both feet fall on the side of the skateboard. When you can slide up and down freely, you should try to replace the front and rear feet, and try to be familiar with the posture of backward sliding.


Inertia sliding of single wheel electric scooter

The single wheel electric scooter can effectively slide its right foot to the right side of the skateboard in the process of inertia gliding. The left foot is on the ground and the center of gravity concentrates on the right foot. Push the skateboard forward with the left foot, and then take the left foot up and step on the tail of the skateboard. Keep the balance of the stand, slip for a section, and then push the ground with the left foot to repeat the movement. After repeated practice and better control, you can do a long distance taxi. At the beginning, you can do one 0m, two 0m.

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