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Analysis of General Throttle Throttle Characteristics of electric bike universal thumb throttle
Dec 24, 2018

The electric bike universal thumb throttle universal thumb throttle refers to a component used to control the adjustment of the vehicle speed. The component is mounted on the electric bicycle in the right hand position of the handlebar like a motorcycle, and the speed of the electric bicycle can be controlled by the universal thumb throttle of the electric bicycle.

From the circuit principle analysis, the electric bike universal thumb throttle universal thumb throttle is mainly used to control the driving speed of the electric bicycle and protect the motor from overcurrent. The handle is released to the lowest speed of the motor and the screw is the highest speed of the motor. This component helps riders achieve smooth and accurate acceleration.

One of the great advantages of the electric bicycle's universal thumb throttle is that it is compatible with other parts of the electric bicycle. The part is currently using a Hall effect sensor to send a variable voltage to the controller and can be adapted to different voltages. In general, the structural design of the system has the advantages of good speed regulation performance, high power factor, energy saving, small size and light weight.

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