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Analysis of Common Faults in 36v household electric bike
Dec 14, 2018

The 36v electric bike is a green vehicle that meets the needs of modern home consumers with increased travel radius. At the same time, the electric bicycle industry has also entered a mature stage, product quality continues to improve, and innovative technological achievements are widely applied. Electric bicycles have become an important industry and the main means of transportation for the people.


So far, 36v household electric bike have become more important consumer goods in people's lives. Moreover, in recent years, the development of the electric vehicle market has advanced by leaps and bounds. Of course, the development of electric vehicles is so rapid, and the judgment and handling of common faults is particularly important.


36v household electric bike have more parts and components, so when there are abnormal problems, the maintenance mainly refers to the repair and replacement of parts. The common faults of electric vehicles are nothing more than two kinds. One of them is a flexible fault. It mainly means that there is no obvious law to follow the fault. For example, the solder joints in the controller are desoldered. In the case of such faults, you should first analyze what is involved. If the motor is not working properly, sometimes the solder joints are in good contact, and the motor feels weak when starting.


After detecting the relevant parameters, if you can't find a specific reason for the time being, then the effective measure you can take is to replace the parts. The other is a rigid fault, which mainly means that the fault remains unchanged after the fault occurs, and the fault surface does not expand. For example, 36v household electric bicycle brakes are damaged by the power-off switch. Just change one switch, and it is better to repair like this kind of glitch.

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