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Adult folding electric scooter riding method and production requirements
Oct 12, 2018

The adult folding electric scooters is mainly composed of the frame, the wheel, the battery, the brake system, the lighting system, the instrument panel and the like during the production process. The length of the adult folding electric scooters after folding is generally not exceeded. 1.2 meters, height not more than 50 cm, can be hand-held or placed in the trunk. Adult folding electric scooters are generally above the 14-inch tires, plus the protruding parts such as the pedals, so the folding will be larger than the scooter, and irregular, it is not as convenient as the electric scooter in the trunk. The tire size of an electric scooter generally does not exceed 10 inches. It is still relatively easy to face in the ordinary urban roads. However, in the case of poor road conditions, the passing situation is not ideal, and you should be extra careful when driving. Adult folding electric scooters are non-motor vehicles without additional safety devices. In theory, they are only allowed to drive at low speeds on non-motor vehicle lanes. Electric scooters generally adopt a standing riding mode with a high center of gravity and flexibility. You can install a seat and ride in a sitting position. The focus of electric bicycles is relatively low, and it is also the way of riding that everyone used to get used to.


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