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Adult commuter electric bicycle motor repair key
Dec 17, 2018

When repairing, we must grasp the key to the problem and find a breakthrough to solve the problem. Simplification reduces the failure rate of adult commuter electric bicycle motors. In addition to the maintenance and proper use in daily use, improving the quality of the entire vehicle and parts is also a key issue.


The main difference between high-speed and low-speed motors for adult commuter electric bicycles is whether there is gear reduction. In order to increase the output torque of the motor at low speed, we need to improve the operating efficiency of the motor at low speed, because the main purpose of gear reduction is to increase the motor speed. . Therefore, when detecting the performance of the repaired motor, it can first be judged by the noise thereof. The motor noise is available in every motor, but there should be no collision sound, squeeze sound, friction sound, etc., and uniform electromagnetic noise can occur. We can use the hollow metal rod to audition on the motor shaft.


Secondly, it is combined with the load current of the adult commuter electric bicycle motor. The load current mainly reflects the actual operating efficiency. When the motor efficiency is low, it is necessary to check whether the internal welding of the coil is firm and whether the magnetic energy product of the magnetic steel is insufficient. When brushing the motor, you need to pay attention to the Hall component model and pay attention to the front and back of the Hall.

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