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A brief description of the twist throttle with gps function
Dec 26, 2018

The twist throttle with gps function is an important component on the current smart electric vehicle, which has the function of automatically receiving GPS. Simply put, the torso throttle and gps features can represent the speed, time, headlights, direction, battery level, and odometer of the vehicle. It has automatic exchange time and does not need to be matched with the controller, which saves operating costs and is convenient to use.

Users can choose different models depending on the requirements. Usually the twist throttle with gps function features will be provided with a lock and key, 0 / I switch, with a green cruise switch. Normally, it takes about 60 seconds to receive the GPS signal after starting the vehicle.

After obtaining the GPS signal, it will be able to display the current specific time. After stopping the vehicle for 5 seconds, it will indicate the current odometer. In addition, the torso throttle and gps features can be paired with different forms of locks, cruise switches, power switches, and different throttle handle styles and designs.

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