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18th North China International Bicycle and E-Bike Exhibition
Mar 20, 2018

About organizing committee
Exhibition   Name
The 18th China North International Bicycle & E-bike Exhibition

Organisers       Tianjin Bicycle and E Bike Association
                       Tianjin Hualun Exhibition Co., Ltd 
                       TianJin  Lunchuang  Technology Development Co., Ltd.
Sponsors         Tianjin
Supported by legal adviser ZhangYing law
Exhibition timings march23-march25 2018

Exhibition Venue Tianjin Meijiang Convention Centre
Exhibition Scope Bicycle, Electric-vehicle Parts & Accessories, 
                 Production and processing equipment,materials, 
                 sports Related goods, Professional Media
Exhibition Scale Exhibition area of 100,000 m2



This exhibition will concentrate on the new trend of industrial development under a new era based on the theme of "One Belt And One Road, Green Innovation and Shared development", which advocates the concept of green environmental protection, to promote industrial innovation and development. The exhibition covers bicycles, e-vehicle and spare parts; children's cars and spare parts; leisure mobility products for old age; production and processing equipment, etc. In addition to maintaining the professional exhibition areas of previous exhibitions, the exhibition layout will also add the international exhibition area for bicycles and spare parts, the mobility exhibition area of old age, lithium and new energy exhibition. Meanwhile, a series of thematic exhibilition and communication, industry forum, international procurement approach and other related activities will be carried out during the exhibition, to introduce high quality innovative products with more standardized, lightweight, intelligent, internationalized, humanized new materials, new energy, new technology and new process and carry on a more diversified and centralized display.



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