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Two Wheel Electric Pedal Patrol Scooter

The most popular first grade two wheeled patrol e-scooter, security patrol scooter, two wheeled electric patrol scooter, Moving and Lighting Motor GM026

two wheel electric patrol scooter with Pedal

The most popular first grade two wheeled patrol e-scooter, security patrol scooter, two wheeled electric patrol scooter, Moving and Lighting Motor GM026



electroplating bumper, anti-collision, scraping, scraping, damage caused by the process, so that the car is as old as new. Flexible, small noise, energy saving and environmental protection, wide field of vision, with the pre LED red and blue flashing lights, LED rear lights, play a warning effect, the implementation of the patrol task to provide convenience.


the front oil pressure disc brake, powerful brake system, more flexible brake response, can effectively brake at high speed, and ensure driving safety.

1. Deluxe rear taillights, strong reflectivity, good warning effect, double color luxury rear tail turn lamp, prominent night warning effect, safe and secure

2. magnetic code motor lock, use advanced encryption technology, double protection vehicle safety, enhance anti-theft function, multi-functional innovation design, control more convenient

3. motorcycle grade Single spring thickening and adjustable shock absorption, using motorcycle damping standard design, effectively increase the shock resistance of the shock pressure, bring car class ride to enjoy the

4. pointer instrument display, exquisite fashion, all kinds of data at a glance to use the front disc brake configuration, better braking performance, brake response more flexible, brakes, brakes, brake response more flexible, brakes The process is smooth and comfortable, long time no deformation, on the slippery road road safety is guaranteed

5. high quality headlights, high luminance, high luminance, high molecular polymer material made of unrotten headlights, strong impact resistance and light transmission, prevent accidents or scratch, let your journey feel free to change

6. free change The angle changing rear view mirror can control the driving condition at any time during driving and turning, avoid accidents and ensure safety.

7. fine tail box, equipped with locks, easy to carry goods with the car, but also to ensure the safety of goods, with black backrest when manned more safe and comfortable

8. car configuration before and after the large shelf, protective effect is more obvious. Touch, wipe, scrape, and stop


Road duty, road sanitation, pedestrian street, tourist attractions, real estate (Garden District), large enterprises, units, parks, entertainment places, sports venues, colleges, colleges, hospitals, convalescent homes, stations, airports, wharfs and other places.

It is widely used in urban management patrols, property patrols, security patrols, community patrols, public security patrols, airports, dock patrols, station patrols, park patrols, border patrol, scenic patrols, clubhouse patrols, police patrols, business patrols, campus patrols, and special patrol vehicles for property communities. Configuration can be customized according to customer requirements. Efficient and practical fashion, provide patrol tools for people's safety, form convenient and efficient patrol network, and enhance safety awareness.



Model name




Center distance of front and rear wheel




Rated load


Maximum speed


Climbing ability






Control system


48/60V twelve tubes/ three speed

Reated voltage


Undervoltage protection value


Overcurrent protection value



Rated power


60V500W/205 motor C30 magnetic steel

front disc brake; rear 110 big drum brake

Anti-theft function

Double remote control anti-theft lock motor

Energy battery pack / charger



Total weight


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