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Electric Bicycle LED Display Meter

Electric Bicycle LED Display Meter

Electric Bike Display LED Model King-meter 791 New Display Electric Bike LED Display Specifications: Model:791 Size:42*82*52.34mm Function:battery indicator;PAS;Headlight;walk Communication:UART Holder:22.2mm Voltage:24V/36V/48V Certificate:CE/ROHS/IP65 Package model...

Electric Bike Display LED Model King-meter 791 New Display 

Electric Bike LED Display Specifications:
Model: 791
Size: 42*82*52.34mm
Function: Battery indicator; PAS; Headlight; Walk
Communication: UART
Holder: 22.2mm
Voltage: 24V/36V/48V
Certificate: CE/ROHS/IP65 

Package Model Specifications 
(1)Plug bandaging: rubber banding. 
(2)Assembly small packaging: 300cm x 200cm (plastic self-styled bag).
(3)Carton packing specifications: 440 x 380 x 210 (cm). 
(4)80 sets per carton. 

Product packaging should be marked: Supplier name / logo, product model specifications, containing the number, production date / batch number and order number. 
Packaging and packing programs are according to customer's requirement, specific details of consultations by both parties. 
It is subject to the sealed sample.


The 791 display is the upgraded version of 790 series,and add the button on the clip,which control walk function.The user can operate the display easily with this button .The rate of maloperation can be reduced the new button ,at the same time ,relaxing the user’s fingers.

There is no space for small bell of bike,because of the multi-accessory on the handlebar.Therefore we equip the small bell on the 791 display ,which can either save the space for handlebar oe make finger operation flexibly.

Notice: the communtication protocol of the King-meter display is opened, so they can match any controller factory's controller.

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